Thursday, March 1, 2012

Broken windows, broken dog

Our dear Suds is broken. He has always struggled with a brutal case of anxiety. He paces, tap dancing circles around our house. For awhile he took to gnawing on doorknobs, chewing up clothes and demolishing woodwork when we were gone. We spent a good amount of time reconditioning him using this method a couple years ago. And it worked and we were pleased with ourselves. But then two weeks ago, he had a breakdown and tore up the woodwork, pulled cords from their outlets, and CRACKED two of our windows. Sigh.

So now our dear Suds is on meds. Hopefully, that in combination with exercise will ease his fragile mind. It's sad. It makes me wonder if we didn't do right by him when he was a puppy. No bad dogs, just bad parents type of thing. He's great with Dexter which makes it even sadder. Sigh again. Suds is crazy. But he's our crazy.

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