Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things I shouldn't say: a composition built from guilt

I shouldn't say that we skipped church today for no good reason. I shouldn't say that generally speaking we have had a pretty rocky track record when it comes to going to church lately. I shouldn't say that my for no good reason reason is partially my fear of not being able to contain Dexter in a carseat since he has graduated to the kind that you leave in the car now. I also shouldn't say that the other part of my no good reason reason is that I'm lazy. I shouldn't say that I wasn't willing to go to mass for an hour but spent a good 45 minutes deciding what fabric and trim to make St. Patty's Day chaps out of at Hobby Lobby yesterday (more on that later). I also shouldn't say that the idea of not knowing what the appropriate response is anymore-"and also...with your spirit?"-is kind of annoying. I also shouldn't say that I bet that 90 percent of the folks at mass, myself included, haven't the foggiest what consubstantial means.

There, I said it.


Annie Salgado said...

I will not judge you! I must say we might not be as good about going to church if we didn't sit with my parents and then get free Hy-Vee breakfast afterwards : )

The consubstantial thing makes me laugh! I find it hard to keep up with the prayer when I have to pause and think about pronouncing the word.

Lora said...

Thanks for not judging me. Maybe I can make up for not going to church by going to a fish fry with you :)