Monday, March 12, 2012

Nursing in percentages

This is a post about mom stuff. Then again, 95% of what I post these days are mom posts so let's continue. And let's keep talking percentages. Dexter is 100% off formula and 100% off the bottle. He is 98% weaned from nursing. That last 2% is the bedtime feeding. The feeding that we (yes, even Josh), are too terrified to get rid of for fear that he will protest noisily and for an undetermined amount of time. We are afraid that taking it out of his bedtime routine will mess with his sleep which will then mess with our sleep. A chain reaction. An imbalance in The Force.

I'm certain he doesn't need it nutritionally as he is a tiny garbage disposal when it comes to meals and whole milk. He attacks Cheerios like he's eating a rack of lamb and chugs his sippy cup like he's been crawling through the desert for days. So really the last 2% is more for us and less for him. Okay, it's all for us. 100% for us and for sleep. Maybe 101% for me because I am the mom and have been known to get weepy about weaning. Although nursing a toddler isn't really my bag either.

The plan was to kick it by his first birthday...then it was the weekend following his first birthday...and then the next week after that. I wonder if we're making a mountain out of a molehill. Perhaps Dexter won't even flinch at a bedtime routine sans nursing. Or perhaps he will scream like a banshee when he figures out he's getting cut off.

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