Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our dictionary

As you may recall, we abandoned our cable and have been using Netflix for our TV viewing pleasure. I started to catch up on Parks & Rec since I missed the majority of last season and burst out laughing when Tom Haverford explained this...

Joshie and I use our own abbreviated/nonsensical language. It's ridiculous and proof that we're lucky we found each other because who would've put up with this craziness? And now for your enjoyment, a small glimpse into our vernacular.

Remote-Mote ska or motsk
Watermelon-wazzy melon
Eyeglasses-boligs (funny story about this, we couldn't remember what the spanish word was for eyeglasses and all I could think of was boligrafos which definitely translates to pens but somehow it stuck)
Baby-Baboo or Bobs or Bilobo
Ruby Red Squirt-Rubes or Ruby Reddy

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Jennifer said...

LOL. Why have I not heard you say these words before?! I read each of the words out loud. Amazing.