Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shovey the Lovey

I asked my friend if her daughter had a lovey, you know, a beloved stuffed animal or something to snuggle with and provide comfort. It was then that I realized that if Dexter had it his way, he would claim that this red shovel is his lovey. Shovey the Lovey, I totally just thought of that. Color me clever. He'd probably give it a kiss and tuck it under his pillow...if he actually slept with a pillow. By the way, when do babies start sleeping with pillows?  He also doesn't sleep with a blanket, should he? If the answer was like 4 months ago, then you're probably thinking, what? No pillow AND no blanket? What kind of parents are you? Is it gruel for dinner too then?


He got the red shovel for Easter (also there were many other toys in his basket too besides the red shovel because that would be kind of weird and confusing, right? Happy Easter, here's a shovel! For you to dig out Easter eggs left by a bunny?!)  from his grandma and grandpa and it has quickly risen to the top of the toy list in our house. When we get home from work/daycare he makes a beeline for his toy basket rooting around with his little hands until it's in his clutches. He then marches around the house waving it like a madman. He drops it for meals. And he puts it away for naptime and bedtime (because he doesn't have a pillow to tuck it under since his parents are fascist dictators).

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Annie Salgado said...

Love that he takes that shovel everywhere! Ben comes out of his room every morning with either a fire hat or construction hat and just the stick to a shovel (the actual shovel broke off). Just wait until the shovel become a sword/'water' gun/cane... So fun!

Also...I probably went way too early with blankets and pillows. If he is sleeping fine with out them he must be just fine!