Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Dexter eats

Short answer: everything. He inhales fruit and bread. Would walk to the ends of the earth for cheese. You know the whole am I just eating because I'm bored thing? Yes, yes, he is. I can't blame him though, I once uttered the words I'm full...what else can I eat? We like our food around these parts. Food is a mood changer. Some of the world's greatest problems could probably be solved in a snap if everyone in the room had a little snacky. War? Have an apple. Religion? Here's a cracker. Politics? One bag o' chips, coming right up. What? You didn't know that? Science, people. Read a book, sheesh.

The problem that Dexter was solving this day? The dilemma of two naps. Because who needs two naps? Bananas all around!

Mmmm, tastes like victory.

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Jonna said...

ohhh he's so cute!! love him!!