Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thoughts from this weekend

It's nearly this weekend already and I'm just recapping last weekend. Tsk, tsk. So very behind. So very lazy. Without further ado a few untimely thoughts...

The poblano potato taco from Tacopocalypse at the Farmers Market was a good choice. Hot but not too hot.

While at the park, Dexter tried to grab the hand of a little blond boy who was climbing up the playset. I tell you that little boy shot Dexter the most dirty, disgusted look a two year old could muster. Daggers. The things that you can get away with as a kid! Of course Dexter was totally oblivious.

Roadtrip to Williamsburg outlets. Banana Republic, hats off to you for embracing the outlet spirit and slashing prices. I walked away with a new dress, two pairs of shorts and a pair of cropped jeans. J Crew, try harder (not that it stopped Joshie from picking up a few things, he's got expensive taste...or I'm cheap...or both).
Steak and Shake, your skinny fries cannot be beat. New Burger King fries, take note and regress to your past.

Dexter can say Batman, well sort of. He can say Bat mmm. Now that I wrote that though I've pretty much sealed the deal that he will strike it from his vocabulary and never utter it again.

I told Josh that I wish I was brave enough and a big enough jerk to yell at every single motorcyclist and bicyclist who doesn't wear a helmet out my car window when passing them. My exact words..."Put on an effing helmet!" I just don't want anyone to have a broken head that's all.

Also, for some reason the word beyotch just came tumbling out of my mouth at Target. Weird. I also was talking to Josh when I said it. As in 'Got it, let's move, beyotch". Oh, Dexter I'm not even giving you a fighting chance to be normal, am I?

Our friends included a space on their RSVP card where they are taking song requests for their wedding reception. Gah, I've been racking my brain as to what to request. A song choice says a lot about you, you know! Do I pick something from the college repertoire? Note to our other friends who know these friends (from college, not high school), I told Josh I was going to write "anything but Dave Matthews". Haha.

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