Thursday, May 31, 2012

A trip to Dawson's Creek

I spent the better part of this week in sweats, hunkered down in our basement, sleeping and sipping on a special generic Sudafed and orange juice cocktail trying to recover from a sinus infection. There is a Lora shaped-imprint on our sectional. You're welcome, Joshie. I took Dexter to the sitter before heading to the doctor and she looked at me like I was death warmed over which is pretty much how I felt. During my time of recovery, I watched a few episodes of Dawson's Creek on Netflix, hopping around between seasons, and a few of insights came to my fuzzy head. Compelling insights that were entirely blogworthy. Yup.

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One: teenagers are so annoying. I didn't realize it the first go around in Capeside because I was a teenager myself at the time and everything was so dramatic and  it's like they were talking to me. They were saying everything that I wanted to say but using bigger words. However, grown-up Lora was getting kind of annoyed with all the talking, particularly all the parts where they were talking about the sheer amount of talking that they do. Just shut up already and makeout or don't! Who cares? Just stop talking.

Two: 90s clothes were not kind. A lot of high waisted jeans (which I've seen are coming back, oh dear) and khakis, tops that were too short and boots. Heavy clunky boots. I wore it too and I thought I wore it well but no, no I didn't. Nobody did. Not even Joey Potter.

Three: How did I not notice that Chris, the badboy who seduces Jen Lindley looked so old?

Four: I don't remember crying a lot when Jen told everyone she had that heart condition during the series finale. But oh, man it was a good thing that I had the Kleenex next to me for my illness because I pretty much ugly cried during the whole episode. From the moment she told Jack to the moment she looked at Gram and (spoiler alert!) died, ugly cry. I didn't even really like Jen!

And that's where my insights ended and the meds took over.    

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Amy said...

I mentioned Dawson's Creek to my inside rep last week and he called me old! The nerve!