Friday, July 20, 2012

To eat, to drink, to listen

To Eat:

Horseradish cheese. Have you had it? It's so good. If you're into horseradish that is. I didn't think I was...until I had this cheese. So maybe scratch that, it's for horseradish lovers and those that want to convert. We went to this cheese house while on vacation and purchased a block. We ended up with leftovers and brought them home and Josh told me that I could have the rest of it but I said that I didn't want to because then it would be gone forever and that would make me so sad.

P.S. I did end up eating all of it.

To Drink:

pic from here

Also, while on vacation my sister-in-law, Amy filled a pitcher with one can of frozen limeade, one can of beer, one can of tequila and one can of water, stirred it up and voila Beer Can Margaritas (also know as your next hangover). It's got a kick to it and will warm your soul.

To Listen:

I had to drive to Fort Dodge for work and cranked up the volume to an obscene decibel level when Fun's new song came on. It's the kind of song that I can picture myself taking up a lot of room to dance to which is definitely a requirement of a good song in my book.

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