Monday, August 13, 2012

And the summer o' fun continues

I'm exhausted. We have had maybe two weekends that have been completely commitment free this entire summer. I planned it that way, I created this monster known as our Summer o' Fun. I'm not complaining; I'm just exhausted. We have one more event this weekend and then we can take a break and regroup. Whew. Back to school is here and although it's been years since I've actually gone "back to school", in my head I still kind of turn the calendar and am ready for a fresh start and a chance to get back on track. 

This past whirlwind of a weekend included a trip out to the State Fair, a family picnic at Saylorville Lake, a bridal shower for my dear friend Jennifer and dinner with old friends. Like every other social event this summer, these things were well worth my exhaustion.

What a difference a year makes! The bottom is from early last summer. Our kid sprouted some neck strength and oh, look another baby!


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