Monday, September 24, 2012

Random thoughts from the weekend

We spend an awful lot of time at the park these days and I started to think, holy cow, what happens when it gets cold? Where will we go then? Because I tell you, spending a whole day at home with this kid isn't going to go over well with him or us. I shudder to think of it.

Josh and I have been geeking out to Game of Thrones. We finished up the first season DVD and are working our way through books two and three. Gods be good, someone will lend us the second season as soon as it's released. See? I told you--geeking out.

I made those dark chocolate chip and sea salt cookies. They are terribly crunchy which I believe has nothing to do with the recipe and everything to do with the baker. That didn't stop me from consuming three of them.

I had to visit with a group of high school girls for work on Saturday and one of them complimented me on my nail polish and I left feeling like Regina freaking George

Also, in regards to said nail polish. I haven't painted my nails since like 2005 but I'm fairly certain that I'm not biting them as much because of this so win! Thanks for the gift, Jennifer!

Buying kids clothes is my bag. I love it!  I don't even mind that the boys section is dwarfed by the girls section. It's a world where nearly everything is less than $10. A perfect world, Utopia, if you will. We shopped the Old Navy Baby Sale and picked up some long sleeve shirts and sweatpants for Dexter. I think my red skinny jeans are getting lonely so it took a little bit of willpower for me to walk by their colored skinnies (they're even on sale...but not for less than $10).

Hope you had a good weekend too!

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Jennifer said...

Woot! I'm glad the nail polish was a hit.