Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving back

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  Before we left for Thanksgiving, I found a pair of jeans that haven't fit me for the past two years but then I had a very Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants magical moment and just like that they slipped right on. But then we went to Davenport. Feast after feast. I'm talking the usual Thanksgiving dinner and in addition to that, eggrolls, the annual Taco Night and a Meatapalooza featuring ribs, brisket and chicken. It was so good, worth every bite and if those jeans need to take a long snooze in the back of my closet so be it.

Between meals we managed to squeeze in lots of activities. We crafted up some turkeys for the Turkey Notes. Each guest gets a note and inside is a little poem crafted by Josh's parents. A very sweet little tradition...that could only be made sweeter by these super awesome turkeys my sister-in-law Amy and I whipped up after a little tutorial from Youtube! Is there anything you don't know, Youtube?

We also walked to the park because it was like 65 on Thursday, what???

And we made a trip to the bar, (not Dexter, I'm a cool mom but not that cool), and watched a family friend who plays in this band and it was on that night that I pretended I was a carefree 21-year-old. And then I woke up realizing I am actually much older and proceeded to move much slower the rest of the day. Sigh, when will I learn?

And in the morning after that business, we headed to the John Deere Pavilion (which I hear is the number one attraction in the Quad Cities), and Dexter and cousin Owen got to run around and climb on all the tractors and equipment and those little boys were in heaven. Also, it's free! Anytime Dexter can run unchecked he is the happiest I think. The kid only has one speed. Josh calls it his muppet walk since his little head kind of bounces around when he's going.  He also got mistaken for a little girl three times which made older slow-moving me super annoyed and I silently sulked. I bet 21 year old Lora would have said something though; that girl is cray cray.

Yes, it was a good little Thanksgiving for our family. I know I keep saying it but this year truly hasn't been the best for us. I think everyone goes through a time where it's just one awful thing after another and being with family and friends these past few days has been a great reminder that despite those awful things I do have a lot to be thankful for: our families, our friends, our home, our j-o-bs...and this kid saying "cheese".

Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely too!

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Jonna said...

Love all you had to say!! Dex is getting so big and looks nothing like a girl....Louie wishes his face could of made the picture he looks a little crazy LOL.