Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Raised on Disney

The morning routine for me and Dexter looks a little something like this--I hurriedly get ready for work while silently telling myself that tomorrow morning will be different; I will get up on time; and then I sweep into the kitchen to fix us toast, pour milk and make instant cappuccino. At this time he is still in his room holding court with his stuffed animals. I can hear him squealing and making emphatic points while running back and forth across his crib. I pop open his bedroom door and assess the diaper situation and depending on how soaked he is he may get a bath (and if that's the case it's more silent promises on my part about waking up earlier to leave time for such frivolous things). Then it's teeth brushing time while I sing the most ridiculous teeth brushing song ever concocted by yours truly. Perhaps if you ask nice, I'll sing it for you sometime. And finally we sit down for breakfast and listen to the Pandora Walt Disney station until we walk out the door. FYI the Walt Disney station is the BEST way to officially start a day.

I was raised on Disney y'all. Cinderella is my old school favorite. Sleeping Beauty is for the birds. I never much cared for what Snow White was wishing for in that well of hers. Sword and the Stone is the most underrated movie. I used to do a mean Iago impression. I always related to Belle's bookish nature. Who doesn't love whos its and whats its?

I am in the zone when I have that station playing. I belt out every song like I'm on The Voice while Dexter looks at me like the crazy that I am. I annoy Josh by trying to play Name that Tune and he tells me that he was busy making real friends while I was watching movies. I respond by singing louder.

While there are many things, I'd like to experience with Dexter, I would say that I hope he shares the same love for Disney that I do. I hope that one day we'll hunker down on the couch with a great big blanket and watch and sing along with one of those classic movies together. That one day gets closer with every morning.

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