Monday, November 5, 2012

The one where you exhale

For a good while, we were go, go, go. To Des Moines and then to Davenport and from Davenport to Des Moines. Judi passed and then Suds, and then Josh's grandma. It comes in threes, they say? Josh's grandma died exactly one year ago from the day that her husband died. There's a bit of poetry in the timing there. That day also happens to be Josh's birthday. The one thing that made me chuckle about Anna is how she always told me her doctor was Filipino and made a point to let him know that her granddaughter in-law was also Filipino ( maybe we know each other? haha). That's the kind of odd sentiment that grandmas are good for. A thought that could be slightly offensive coming from anyone else but from a grandma it's mostly just cute and sweet. Sweetly missed.
So now where are we? We are exhaling. We are tired of the bad news. We are over this month and quite possibly this year. We are moving forward.

So in moving forward, here's a look back from the last few weeks.


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Jonna said...

ery nice and I feel the same on to a new year.I need some of these pictures they are cute.Love ya