Friday, December 28, 2012

What Christmas (part 1) looked like

The official memories of Christmas 2012 (part 1-we still have our Dport Christmas to do) go like this:

-Sugar cookies for dinner go over pretty well with this guy.

-if you give a toddler a baggie of Cheerios, he will stay mostly silent during Christmas Eve mass. Mostly.

-Family Christmas programs orchestrated by kids are the BEST. My cousins, my brother and I did this a few times when we were little and seeing the next generation of our family sing and dance reminded me that while my family doesn't have super solid set in stone traditions, this is one that needs to stick.

-opening presents as an almost two year old=pretty good. Opening presents as an almost four year old=pretty effing good.

-Josh continues his reign as the best stocking stuffer ever.
-I'm fairly confident that I could live in fleece lined leggings.
-White Elephant gift exchanges: where full screen DVDs and early 90s jean jackets go to die.
-Santa brings the best stuff.

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