Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poof, it's Christmas?!

How the heck did Christmas get here so quick? I'm sure I say that every year but seriously?? I'm afraid to say that Joshie and I still have shopping to do and it looks like we're going to be those people that are shopping just a couple days before Christmas Eve.We do the Christmas Eve opening thing around these parts so we're cutting it close. I just got the Christmas cards out in the mail too so I'm way behind.. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

PS I just watched Charlie Brown Christmas and it may be one of the saddest things ever. Why is everyone so mean to him? Just leave him alone and quit calling him a blockhead, he's fine.

Anyway, at least we've been doing Christmas-y things in our non-shopping time. I've been baking up a storm during my recent vacation. I've gone on a rampage through my Google reader and whipped up some of the cookies that I starred many moons ago including peanut butter cookies, rolo cookies and the dark chocolate chip and sea salt ones that I've made before. I have yet to tackle sugar cookies because they seem like a lot of work for not much cookie...and I also have the aforementioned four three two dozen I mentioned in my kitchen already. But we are a little snowed in so maybe I'll have to just buck up and get on with it already.

And Christmas lights, we looked at Christmas lights too. Also our elf has made an appearance. He is named Cheesy and delights Dexter to no end. I've also wrapped the presents we do have (attention family members, the brown paper makes an appearance again because didn't you know I bought stock in that stuff?) and I also did a little crafting. I whipped up a little felt tree that delighted Dexter for the first five minutes and has pretty much gone untouched since those first five minutes. I take that back, sometimes he chews on the felt ornaments. I swear, he's like a labrador.

And we did see Santa at Josh's work party, who was not that impressive according to the kid with the long hair and grey cardigan. But don't tell Cheesy I said that.

After writing this, I change my mind. I would say we've got Christmas about covered. I'm feeling a lot better about it already. Thanks. 


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Jonna said...

Just cought up with the blog.Love all of it!!Dex is sooo cute loved the animal noises.Only one bad thing that santa has creepy gloves on...LOL Love u all