Monday, January 7, 2013

9 resolutions

I realize a round number like ten is easier on the ears and eyes then that old oddball number nine but I ran out of steam after thinking up nine things that I wanted to accomplish in 2013. So nine it is. Nine things that I want to make happen in 2013. Nine things that I can feel good about when December 31 rolls around.

1. Wake up earlier-I really like my sleep and as it happens Dexter also really likes his sleep so we both just sleep. I hit my snooze about a million+ times and then when I finally do get up and get him up I do a very good impression of a video being played in fast forward. Mind you, it's a video in fast forward with Disney music in the background but still a bit stressful.

2. Cook-I don't cook. But I should. So I will? I mean, I can bake and I whip up a mean plate of spaghetti and tater tot casserole but that's child's play. So in 2013, I will be attempting more meals that I would normally suggest and hand over to Joshie. If it goes poorly then it looks like tater tot casserole for the masses (which Dexter would be totally okay with because he devours that thing!)

3. I said I would show up here more often last year and I made good on my word-108 times to be exact. So I will continue to do more of the same. Keep the fist pumping to a minimum, please.

4. Finish Game of Thrones-I know, I feel like I've been talking about this forever but I am still standing on book 3. Did the ending punch anybody else in the gut? So I am ready to move it, move it to book 4 but I'm waiting for Joshie to finish it. And so by outing him just there to all of you, he'll be forced to get on with it, right? ;)

5. Budget our dolla dolla bills ya'll-So I don't know about you, but that darn money tree just won't take in our backyard. I blame it on this drought.

6. Purge this house-We think we'd like to move to a new (read: bigger and with more than two closets) house in the next year. We've held onto a lot of stuff in the past five years we've been here. Some of it is stuff that just needs to get thrown out/donated/sold, some of it is stuff that needs to be replaced. All of it is an eyesore.

7. Create things that aren't eyesores-I want to do some of the DIYs that I always say I'm going to do but never actually do. House-related, jewelry, kids stuff, etc. I'm kind of a lazy crafter. Like couldn't I just hot glue this to this and call it quits lazy so I think this one might be tricky.

8. Drink more water, less pop-I went crazy with pop last fall. Plus, I'm sure I'm severely dehydrated because there are days where I never use the restroom at work. And I'm there for eight hours. Also, last fall I drove across the great state of Iowa, from Sioux City to Davenport, and never once stopped for a bathroom break. Okay, I'm done one upping myself. Anyway, I'm not cutting out pop completely but increasing the H20 drastically.

9. More time for things I like to do. I like to go on dates with Josh. I like to take Dexter to kids activities. And yet, I can probably count the number of times Josh and I went to a nice dinner by ourselves on three fingers last year. I also know that when we spend time with Dexter on the weekends we spend a lot of them running errands. I know, that's part of being a grown-up but seriously? So yes, more time for things we all like to do.

So there are my nine resolutions for 2013. How about you? What do you have in the cooker for this year?

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