Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Over the Weekend: The one where we all hang out together

It's really easy for us to go several weekends without seeing our friends during the winter. The idea of braving the cold isn't the most tempting plus the current flu epidemic that is sweeping the nation is a quick way to put the kibosh on any social gatherings.

But then this weekend happened and it's as if the stars aligned themselves just for our little group. We were all able to hang out on both Saturday and Sunday. Gasp. Cue the choirs of angels.

The highlight reel goes like this:

On Saturday, we all went to Dance Baby Dance. This time the organized activity was a group sing along led by these folks and tell you what, that Dexter's little face was in shock when she started singing the ABCs...and then all the other kids were singing it too. Jaw dropped. It was a very "Holy crap, mom. Are you hearing this? All these people know this song! This is my jam," look. Josh told me it was the exact same look that I give him when a band starts playing a song that I know at a concert.

Afterwards, we decided to do a leisurely lunch with everyone at La Hacienda. And then we remembered there is no such thing as a leisurely lunch when children of a certain age are involved. Suffice it to say, our waiter earned every penny of his tip.

Sunday brought us the Superbowl and we hosted our first Chili Cookoff. Seven kinds of chili. We did a blind taste test which was kind of good but kind of crazy to organize. I used this printed tape from Target to designate which chili was which and had help dishing it out from my former-vegetarian-okay-with-chicken-but-ground-beef-not-so-much buddy, Kelly. Thanks, pal! Nick and Amy took top honors with their riff on a Spicy Three Meat version.

During our party, it became evident that if we ever host a party we may as well host it in a shoebox because our home felt approximately that size once we stuffed eight couples and eight kids in it. P.S. There were eight kids but somehow it felt like 80? There were kids in bathrooms, in closets, on stairs, in potato chip bags. If our dear Sudsy was still with us it would've been quite a sight.

It was the kind of weekend that was both exciting and exhausting. A good weekend. No photos this time around because while hanging out with everyone this weekend was kismet, sadly a camera to capture it was not.


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