Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seven years

Well, hello there! I owe you a post. It feels as if I've been away for awhile. We've had some life-changing events happening around these parts. Not of the baby variety though which seems to be the first go-to guess for people when your first born is on the brink of turning 2! But no, this news is not of the baby variety.

The news is about my j-o-b and my saying peace out to my first real job out of college. I don't write a lot, or at all really, about what I do/have done for a living but considering Josh just made a career move in December and now I'm switching as well it feels like attention must be paid. I spent the past seven years with a non-profit. Seven years working with families, community volunteers, CEOs, students. Seven years of running to coffee meetings, to lunches and to committee meetings. Seven years of being inspired by others commitment to the mission. Seven years of being disappointed that not everyone shares that commitment. Seven years of asking for money. Seven years of planning events. I got engaged, got married and had a kid during the seven years at this job. Seven years, exclamation point!


I've been ready to make a switch for awhile. Fundraising is a tough gig, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's a rewarding gig when all the pieces fall into place. You'll work your ass off trying to get there. And quite frankly, my little behind is tired.

I'm excited about my next endeavor. I won't be fundraising but I'll still be working with non-profits. I'm starting to think I was built for that kind of thing. It's been a long time since I've had to "learn" a job so I'm like first day of school nervous. I hope the other kids like me. I hope I catch on quick to everything they teach. You know, that sort of thing.

So long, seven years of my past career. You taught me a great deal. I shan't forget it!

Here's to the next seven, folks.




Jonna said...

You will be fine.I think you do everything great! Look at the wonderful child you have..Love Ya

Lora said...

Thanks, Jonna! Spoken like a true mom :)