Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello, 21st Century

Remember when I wrote this? Yes, I have been rocking a plain old cell phone for all the years that a cell phone could be rocked.

And then remember when I wrote this? And it was like holy buckets, interwebs right at your fingertips as long as there's free wifi! Hot dog! Hot diggity dog!

Well, a couple of weekends ago, this unfortunate thing happened...

It was one of those slow motion drops where Joshie almost caught it, not quite, almost caught it and then I almost caught it...but not quite.

And then this happened and it was like, well with both of us swimming in our pools of new j-o-b money like Scrooge McDuck (no, not really, not at all) hell, let's get us some new phones! We're due for an upgrade and because we work hard for our money in this house!

Hello, 21st Century. You gorgeous thing, you. 

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