Monday, February 25, 2013

Over the weekend: Breakfast and bullies

Hello! So I spent the second half of last week exhausted by the information overload from the first few days of my new job. There's a lot to learn and I just wish that this newbie part would pass quickly. Being the new kid just isn't all that fun.

I had a chance to decompress with breakfast at La Mie with my former movies and always friends. I tried out the French toast with peanut butter, bananas and bacon which turned out to be a sound choice. The hot chocolate that I ordered with it just reaffirmed that my decision making skills were on fire that morning. As usual, the restaurant was packed to the gills. We accidentally stole a booth from a family. We sat at a tiny table at first and then a booth opened up so we carpe'd diem and left that poor family in the dust with our tiny table. Low point. So a word of advice from me to you. If you intend on finding the table of your choice at La Mie on a Saturday, show up earlier than 8 am. Or maybe the lesson is to be aware of your surroundings and young families in crowded restaurants so that you don't steal their table like a big selfish jerk face? I don't know, you pick.

Joshie and I headed back out to run errands after I got home from breakfast and we ended up taking Dexter to the mall. We checked out the waterfall and then the playplace. The playplace started out okay but got ugly when this little girl shoved Dexter down the slide. I witnessed the whole thing. She said, "just go already!" and pushed him! The nerve, am I right? I looked up to see if her mother was going to dash over and correct her but nothing happened. And that there is the thing that truly pissed me off...where is your mother? The mall playplace is not the time for laissez faire parenting, friends. Figure. It. Out. I don't fancy myself some rockstar super parent with all the right answers but I'm fairly sure that I'm well within reason to ask you to watch your kid. Mmmkay?

So now here's the question that I raise to you--would you correct someone else's kid? A stranger's? An absent stranger clearly, but a stranger no less. I will confess I didn't. I did mean mug that little girl though. Oh, did I mean mug. An icy withering stare was doled out. But after that this mama bear whisked her cub right out of there. And back to the sweeter, gentler waters of the mall waterfall.

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Annie Salgado said...

When I first saw the title of your blog entry I thought that bully was me! : ) I know I can be a little mean when I drink.

Pretty sure I have corrected someone else's child before.