Monday, February 18, 2013

Over the weekend: Fong's and Flying Mango

We had big plans to go to brunch with Nick and Amy without the kids but alas it wasn't meant to be as the sitter got the days mixed up. We've been talking about hitting up the brunch at Americana for a good long while and it looks like we'll have to keep talking about it for just a little bit longer.

Instead of brunch, we stayed at Nick and Amy's, hung out with the kids and ordered in pizza from Fong's since they just opened back up recently. The Crab Rangoon pizza still remains as a top contender of favorite quirky pizza pies, the Fongolian Beef, not so much. It's a too many veggies, not enough sauce situation in my opinion.

They say cousins are your first friends and they speak the truth.

Joshie and I also had the chance to sneak out on a date to Flying Mango. My goodness, that place is amazing! We haven't been in ages and it was just as good we remembered. There was a wait and since the restaurant is more or less inside a house, there isn't much of a waiting area. We were elbow to elbow with other waiting diners and got a front row seat to the grill. PS I took these pictures while we were waiting and told Josh I was going to live tweet our whole date. Because now I can! Yay, smartphone!

The only other thing you need to know about our dining experience is this. Cornbread. Mic drop.


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