Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A note about daycare

Is there no greater joy than receiving a package on your doorstep? I know that I am the one that purchased it and I am the one checking the tracking info and really it shouldn't be any sort of surprise when it arrives...but it is! Isn't it? Oh, the thrill!

Yesterday I came home to a package that I had ordered for our sitter as a thank you. Spoiler alert: it's a brag book since she's moving (also they were having a sale!). Ugh, I'm still bummed about this. Finding good daycare is the best and looking for good daycare is the worst. It was funny how she came into our lives. She came by way of Craigslist. I know, I know. What can't you find on Craigslist, right? I was ready to break up with the center that Dexter was going to at the time and feeling terrible about it. I found her ad and we interviewed her at her home and called references and it became very clear that this was a better fit than our current situation. I ended up having a very awkward it's not you, it's me talk with the owner of our other daycare and then a few weeks later, Dexter started with our new sitter and we haven't looked back. Okay, that's not totally true. I did panic that first day that I dropped him off because one, I am prone to second guessing everything I do and two, hello, we found her on Craigslist! Who does that? We do, friends, we do.

And I'm sure glad we did.

Note: the pixelated part is where I put our thank you message but I thought I should blur it out since I'm not mentioning names in this post? Writing on the interweb is weird and I don't know all the etiquette, back off.

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