Sunday, April 28, 2013

71 freaking degrees

It is 71 freaking degrees out right now and the sun is shining and Dexter is taking a nap. Josh is in Houston for a wedding. Me? I am sitting on our patio and type typing away to tell you that it is 71 freaking degrees out and the sun is shining. Hooray, Mother Nature, you did it! I knew you could! The sun is making me kind of itchy...and I love it.

After romping around outdoors, we went to Target because mommy needs a playground fix too, you know. I bought a pair of sunglasses. Josh and I had a sunglasses debate a few weeks ago since he noted that he spent big bucks on his pair that he's had for years whereas I go through a pair and a half every season since I buy a cheap pair and treat them as such. That is a true story. So I chose to buy my sunglasses this weekend with only Dexter's non-judging eyes watching me. While the cat's away...

Also I would like to note that Dexter is an excellent partner for trying on sunglasses. "How bout this one?" "Bout this one?" The kid is eager to help. We settled on these fellas.

As a sidenote, taking this photo of myself was awkward. Because while I really enjoyed the selfie in college and still kind of do today when I'm four bevvies in, this is just weird.  I felt that I owed you a photo of said sunglasses since I am making such a fuss over them though. Oh, the look that I'm sporting is the dirty hair, same t-shirt I wore yesterday and will most likely wear tomorrow look.  

I said, "Glasses on. Windows down." Dexter thought that was kind of cool. He especially enjoys the sunroof. "This one, mama. This one, mama," he says while pointing up. A window that looks up into the sky, what will they think of next?

I took a roundabout way home so we could ride a little longer with those windows down and with the sun in our eyes. It's these small things that are good for the soul, right?

P.S. Josh just texted me that I should do some yard work. That text was preceded by a text telling me that he is laying out by the pool. Psssh, directions from beyond. Child, please, try the veal.

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