Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story by numbers

So I was reading this blog and stumbled upon this Blog Everyday in May challenge. To which for some kooky reason, the girl who shows up here once (and that's being generous) a week decided to say, "Challenge accepted."

The first topic for May Day...the story of my life in 250 words or less.

I have lived in Iowa all my life. My parents are originally from the Philippines and while most islanders tend to stick to the coasts, the Midwest called to them apparently. I was enrolled in kindergarten when I was four, not sure how that happened but it seemed to work itself out. Except for when I was 15 and everyone was driving except me...and then when I was 20 and everyone was drinking (legally), except me. Other than that, yeah, it worked out. I had grand plans from age 7-10 to be an elite gymnast. That did not work out. I was a camp counselor in high school for two summers. I had never actually gone to camp as a kid. After battling cancer for almost three years, my mom passed away three weeks before I left for college. I still don't talk about that much. One of the last decisions she helped me make was which school to go to. She liked UNI. I ended up meeting my husband Josh and making some of the best friends there. Those four years were pretty gosh darn good.  I moved back to Des Moines after graduation. Josh came too. We worked. We got engaged. We bought a house. We got a big dog. We got married. We had a kid. He's two now. I'm turning 30 this year and still get ID'd. I don't like it and am aware that makes me sound like a jerk because who doesn't like to look younger than their age? Answer: me.

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Jennifer said...

This child shown here looks essentially the same as the almost-30-year-old you. Just a bit shorter. Ah, youth. :)