Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Everyday in May: How 'bout sleeping?

Today's challenge: educate you on something I know a lot about or that I'm really good at.

The latest activity that has been incorporated into Dexter's bedtime routine is fake sleeping. It started a few weeks ago after his bedtime story. We were all cuddled in our bed and we started to make ridiculously fake snoring noises. This delighted Dexter to no end. He threw himself on the pillows, stuck that thumb in his mouth and started snorting like a pig. Thus, a new game was born. We finish his bedtime story and then he looks at us and says, "How 'bout sleeping?"

I am amazing at sleep. You should know that it took years of practice. When I was a kid I was a nightmare to get up in the morning. I was quite good at ignoring the prodding, cajoling, shaking and yelling.* It eventually came to pass where a spray bottle of water was introduced to my face and that's what broke me.

In college I perfected the art of the nap. Nap after class, nap between class, nap before dinner. It was glorious. And I was excellent at it.

I had no idea that I had been blessed with such a gift until I met Josh. He tosses and turns before bed. I pass the eff out. He wakes up with every tiny noise. Noise, what noise? He can't nap. I'm napping right now.

Dexter was a terrible sleeper at first but my sleep prowess was too great and I overwhelmed him. I say that I let him cry it out but I also think that maybe I am just too awesome at sleeping and the side effect of this was that I didn't hear him crying for very long. Bad mom, admirable sleeper. He eventually came over to the dark side. He has a six hour nap under his belt. He also slept through the night after said nap.

So how 'bout sleeping?

*sincerest apologies to my parents for being so good at sleeping during those years. As a parent of a kid who likes his sleep and hates mornings and needs to get to work on time, I get it. It's not cute. Well, maybe for the first 30 seconds but after that, not cute.

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