Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog Everyday in May: this is awkward

Day 3: Things that make me uncomfortable.

The word "moist".

Obscenely long distances in high heels. Like a block.

The first time visting a confusing restaurant where you can't tell where to order or where to pay.

Arguments where I am an innocent bystander. Please stop, nervous giggle.

Being uncomfortable. If one of my limbs is trapped underneath something or tangled up in a blanket and I can't get out immediately I freak out.

Salespeople offering to help me. I know it's your job but I'd rather just figure it out myself, says the girl who only buys stripes.

Being mistaken by strangers for another Asian girl they know who might, but most likely does not, look like me.

Which brings me to my next point, people who actually do know me...but who I cannot recognize for the life of me.

Two-year-old tantrums at the store. Please save for the privacy of our own home where I can ignore and not be silently judged by others.

Comedians. I hate watching them wait for a laugh that may not come. I overcompensate by laughing at everything even before they get to the punch line. Best audience member ever.

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