Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blog Everyday in May: A quote

So here I am blogging on a Saturday night as part of this challenge. I could've done it earlier today but this rainy and snowy weather had rendered me useless. I was too busy sulking about it. That takes a lot out of a girl so I eventually took a nap too.

Day 4: Favorite quote.

One of the best quotes appeared on my facebook profile back when facebook was the facebook and only college kids were on it. Actually, it might still be on there now. This gem came from Joshie, "You can't beat Lil Jon. You can only hope to contain him". Good one, right?

Not my favorite though. I actually decided that this one is my favorite. So much that I'm hoping that we get one of those subway type signs made with it for our next house.

It's from this song by The Avett Brothers. Could it be anyone else? Nope. And now that I've wandered into Youtube to find that link I will spend the next few hours being sucked down into the rabbit hole.

Also, the image is from here. You type in your quote and it generates a typographic poster for the webs. 

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