Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog everyday in May: blog friends of which I have none

Today I am supposed to write about the awesomeness of one of my blog friends. Funny story about that, I don't have any blog friends. Sure, I read a bunch of blogs but I tend to show up quietly, read your post and make my exit. In short, I'm a creeper.

Anyway, today I will do a shout out to the girl that introduced me to blogs. This girl. Years ago, she started reading Pink is the New Blog. That was the first blog I read. She started a blog and I did too. Because in addition to being a creeper, I'm a copycat. Later on, I ended up getting hooked on a few more blogs she recommended and then joined Google Reader, also upon her recommendation, to help wrangle all those interesting reads.

So here's to you, Jennifer. A real life friend who totally endorses my creepiness.

She's one helluva driver too!

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Jennifer said...

Speaking of creepiness. That photo! On our way in my old Taurus to Mall of America in a March snow storm? Is that it?!