Sunday, February 16, 2014

My triumphant return to blogging aka I'm on maternity leave!

We are now a family of four! We are excited! We are working on our new normal!  We are sleep deprived! But hey, look! A baby!

Everly is here. I'll share my thoughts on her birth in a separate post because even second kids deserve their own birth story post. 

Josh has been off of work for the first week which has been amazing. He's a good dad and hubby, that one. He's all over the diaper situation (and it's a real situation! One after every feeding, I swear!), makes the tightest swaddle, is dealing with the emotional daycare drop off of Dexter and is camping out on the couch with me at night even if he doesn't have the boobs that this baby requires. You're good stuff, Joshie.

Dexter is adjusting. He announces to us when "that baby" is crying or moving. He's been fairly sweet to Evy, patting her like we do, giving her kisses. It's pretty cute. On the flip side, we can tell he is getting used to it all too, seeking our attention more, asking us to watch him while he plays. I've been worried about this transition for him since he's been our one and only for a few years. When he was leaving the hospital after visiting us, he looked at me and said "you come too" and I nearly burst into tears. 

I am pretty emotional these days. I blame it on the postpartum hormones. The sweet gestures from friends and family have been overwhelming. These have also nearly brought me to tears. We just know such good people. I struggled the first couple of days with the nursing thing because ouch, engorgement and being so tired and achy that I could weep. Full disclosure: I did weep. Having a baby is definitely a physical thing but make no mistake, it's a mental thing too. I suspect this isn't the last of the breakdowns for me. Let's chat after the cluster feeds, mmmkay?

A few scenes from the first week.

Yes, that is a butt flap on her PJs. Happy Valentine's Day!

After our pediatrician appointment, we thought let's stop by Bake Shoppe for some monster cookies...and a Dutch letter...and a turtle bar...and a pair of eclairs. She's a real beaut, right?

Welcome to our new normal.

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