Tuesday, February 4, 2014

At the time this was written...

I made a mental note to get the kid a flu shot. Parenting a sick kid is awful for everyone involved.

Large and small sizes were defined by Dexter as "daddy" or "baby". 

Dexter was on a strict Wheat Thins diet.

Turning in bed from one side to the other was not one fluid motion. There's a great deal of flopping going on.

I felt torn between being ready to meet this little girl and keeping her on lockdown since she's easier to control in here.

Work was a happy place.

I was being challenged by a near three year old.

I thought of a list of to-dos but didn't do them.

I folded the tiniest clothes and looked at Dexter and wondered when he got so big.

I remembered what labor feels like and panicked.

I was waiting for something exciting to happen.

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