Thursday, March 27, 2014

Date night: Royal Mile and Creme Cupcake

We are very fortunate to live close to family. We are very very fortunate to live close to family who like to watch our children. Because of this, we are the lucky ducks who get the opportunity to have a date night once a week. I believe that time away from your kids and an evening among adults is okay. Necessary even. The few hours away help us recharge. We're actually able to hold a conversation without interruption. No diaper to change, snack to get, toy to help find while we're in mid-sentence. Of course, the conversation almost always ends up being about the kids but there isn't any interruption from the kids. The time is good and restorative.

And delicious.

We headed to The Royal Mile for fish and chips because it was Friday and that's what you eat on Fridays during Lent. Duh. Other Catholic folk got the memo it seems because the fish were flying that night. We love ourselves a fish fry, we do.

Back in our DINK days, we would end our nights at The Royal Mile. I hated it because the place was so dim and where was the Justin Timberlake or inappropriate rap song with extremely loud bass? If I was going to be up that late-early then there should at least be dancing! Now in my old age, I can appreciate the place and I can especially appreciate the food.

A few suggestions if you need them--if fries aren't your thing, first of all, why not??? But if they aren't, Josh gets the peas instead. I think he would serenade those peas, he loves them that much. Also, you should make room for the banger and cheese chowder. On our non Lenten visits here we always start with a cup. Super good! And finally, I don't know my way around a beer menu so I asked for something wheaty and our waitress brought me an Ayinger which was on point.

And part two of date night featured this beauty at Creme Cupcake. 

This is the tiramisu. We also got the fried ice cream Creme brûlée. I can say with supreme confidence that it is a very good thing that I am still in my maternity pants because whoa. Probably should've just ordered one to share but really, what's the fun in that? Date night is no time to hold back, people! The night is ours!

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