Wednesday, March 26, 2014

For Funsies, vol. 2

 Hello, friends! Hope you're having a nice week so far. I'm in the final stretch of my maternity leave. Yesterday, one of my old friends came by and brought snacks while we binge watched Grey's Anatomy. It felt like high school...except with a baby. It's nice to have that kind of day though, free and easy.

I'm both ready and nervous about returning to work.  Six weeks is long and short, you know? I have no idea what our new routine at home is going to look like and am trying to brainstorm ways to save time in the morning since I have a feeling that's going to be the most chaotic. If you have any tips or tricks, let me know!

And now onto the randomness!

I spotted this latest parenting article on twitter last week and see that it's making its rounds. Check out the playground. Would you let your kid play here?

Our friends invited us to the zoo last week and of course despite my best laid plans of having Evy sleep through the entire thing, she woke up demanding to be fed. So I nursed in public for the very first time ever. And you know what? Not so bad. I covered up with a blanket and parked myself on a bench next to the lion exhibit. How primal! A little awkward when a Girl Scout Troop went parading by and even more awkward when our friend's little boy asked HOW I was feeding her if I was just holding her. Er, it's called nursing and it's how little babies run along? Overall though, there was something very I am woman, hear me roar about it. I think if this is going to be my thing I'd like one of these.

You longtime readers know how much I enjoy the Avett Brothers and I like that they visit Iowa so
much. Coming to Sioux City this time! Not sure if we'll be going since it most likely will fall during 80/35 and we do have a good history and lots of good adventures with that music festival. Related-love this song, love this print.

These days I go to buckle Evy in her car seat, swing, bouncy seat and I find that the buckle has already been done. Dexter was here. It's like his calling card. He likes to do the snap on my iPad case, tries to get the zipper on his coat, lace up his fast shoes. Have you seen these Quiet books? They look like they might be his cup of tea. I also wonder if I can get Joshie to make him something similar to this.

A couple of recipes that I've tried out-brown butter sage sauce and this monkey bread (photo above).  Note about the monkey bread, it took longer to bake than what the recipe says. My outside was perfect but we had to throw the inside back in the oven.

Finally, pouring one out for my homies. This article goes out to all my DU friends at UNI. And a very special shoutout to my pal who many moons ago found the love of her life whilst sipping on OE. Ya heard me?

Have a great week everyone!

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