Monday, March 10, 2014

Dexter turns 3

This little boy turned three. He has amassed quite the sword collection in these three short years. The two most important Ds in his life are dinosaurs and dragons. Well, Dad too so that makes three Ds. If ever I need proof that I am doing okay, I just need to look at those two boys. Seeing them pal around together makes me feel very full.

Dexter keeps telling us that he's not a baby, he's big. He's becoming a little more independent each day picking out his clothes and trying to dress himself. The result is that he wears the same dinosaur and Ninja Turtles shirts every week and getting out the door or ready for bed takes just a bit longer. It's an exercise in patience for me and Josh.

This year he is having one of those birthdays that lasts forever. On his real birthday, he took robot treats to daycare. That's what happens when mommy is on maternity leave. She steps her game up. For his birthday dinner, we dined on chicken nuggets at Chick Fil A and he ran around the playplace. P.S. that Chick Fil A on Mills Civic does the business! A steady stream of families the whole time we were there and the drive thru was never empty. Crazy town.

His eyes were shut for the first photo so I said "Open your eyes" and his eyes got quite wide and turned out like this.

And then this weekend, we had the big family shindig featuring a build your own sandwich bar and a shark cake. Word to the wise: if you're going to build your own sandwich, hit up Graziano's for all your meaty needs. There was a rapid fire present opening where lots of tiny cousin hands helped expedite the unwrapping process. Our house is now the official showroom for Ninja Turtles and Imaginext toys.

He began to tear into one gift before everyone arrived. That's what happens when no one is parenting you.

One "cheese sammich".

I keep coming back to this quote--"the days are long but the years are short." It feels very true. Some days with Dexter (and now Evy) make me want to throw up my hands and say this parenting stuff is for the birds! How many times do I need to repeat myself? Is it nap time yet? When will this phase be over? Long, long exhausting days.

But then, look at this KID! This action figure wielding, get his own glass of water, cheese sandwich requesting KID. Short, short years.

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