Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Everly: One month

Full disclosure: I don't like newborn babies. I mean, I love my babies and all but I would never describe myself as a baby person. I don't swoon over the tiny hands or take deep breaths of the newborn smell. For me, the newborn phase is just a stepping stone (or rather ginormous hurdle) that we have to get through so that we can move onto the fun stuff. My philosophy is let's lose the smushed face newborn thing and get those little cheeks fattened up ASAP. Let's hurry along the hold me all day and night thing. Bring on the days spent half cuddling and half entertaining yourself in your bouncy seat, exersaucer, swing or blanket on the floor. Basically, just give me a six month old baby right off the bat. Maybe even a three month old.

So it is with a bit of excitement that I say that Everly is now one month old. We are cruising along here. And when I say cruising I really mean that we are stumbling and fumbling all over ourselves because we are still sleep deprived, still getting to know this little girl and still trying to transition from one kiddo to two kiddo mode but nonetheless we are one month closer to the fun stuff!

You would've thought that I would've learned my lesson after Dexter about trying to come up with rationale and rhyme and reason for anything a baby does. Nope, didn't. I googled away to find any sort of explanation about anything. I tried to hypothesize what kind of routine we were in with Everly. Note: we're not in one. I finally turned to Josh this week and said, "I think that I need to just stop". So this is me stopping. I read this article and I found myself nodding and saying uh-huh, exactly, preach on. Just babies being babies.

Evy, you are the sweetest curmudgeon of a baby. When you're uncomfortable, you let everyone know it. You're loud and a little bit of a diva, honestly. One wrong jostle or swaying movement and you'll give us a grunt and a furrowed brow. If it's something really offensive, it will be a wail until we correct our course. Maybe you'll be the type of girl who absolutely positively knows what she wants and how to get it from her life.They have different words for this I think. Headstrong? Stubborn? :)

Your happy place is the changing table. I don't know what is so comforting about that table but you are content to just lay up there and watch the rest of the world go by. Your brother is curious about you and insists on patting, poking, prodding you and kissing your cheeks (which are getting chubbier by the day). You don't mind this at all. Is all your patience reserved for him? Are you two in cahoots already?

Thanks for playing along the past four weeks, girl. Excited to see what month two brings. (Ahem, ahem, sleep).


Annie Salgado said...

Are those gold pants?! Perfect for a Thiessen baby.

I am loving the maternity leave posts! Keep them coming!

Lora said...

Yes, those are gold leggings. Courtesy of the Rudens :)