Wednesday, March 19, 2014

For Funsies, vol. 1

How's your week going? Evy and I visited my office earlier this week. It was weird after being away for so long. It almost felt like I was a guest in someone else's home. We chatted with a few of my co-workers and in conversation it became very clear that I am terrible at selling the whole baby thing. I'm just awful at describing this time as "special" or "magical". Is mothering this babe important work? Absolutely! Would I compare it to rainbows and prancing unicorns? Never. I felt like I was debunking some great myth. That all women love babies and the six weeks are so freaking amazing and precious. I am Lora and I speak for the trees? Truth! Sorry, not sorry?

Anyway, here's a little roundup of randomness for you to peruse because it's the middle of the work week for you kids. Isn't it? It's Wednesday, right? I wouldn't know. Evy and I have been so busy sliding down rainbows and saddling up our unicorns these past weeks that all the days just run together.


I've made these puffed pancakes a few times. This weekend I had them with Nutella because it's important to make things less healthy.

I don't wear much jewelry but would love to have one of these necklaces for all the immediate Thiessens in my life.

I call Evy "girl" a lot. So I sing this song to her.

If Dexter could take a selfie, he would. He's the biggest smallest narcissist I know. If we take a picture, he always grabs the phone and says "I wanna see". This camera would be great for him. Also, if he's pretending to take our picture, he pretends to rip off the snapshot from the camera and hand it to us to put in our pocket. Apparently, the kid knows about Polaroid cameras?

Dexter loves Super Why! I love Super Why! This costume is great.

This article really stuck with me.

I am using this Breastfeeding app. It doesn't answer the question of why is my baby spitting up constantly and still acting super hungry? Or how do I get her to go longer between feedings? But it keeps track of the last feeding time, so there's that.

I think I want to do something like this in my cube at work.

Have a great rest of the week, kids!

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