Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter came a little early

Josh's office hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids last weekend. We missed last year's event so when I found out we would be in town this year, I was pretty pumped for it. Big thumbs up to companies that plan family outings! I was even more delighted when the weather cooperated and it was 76 degrees and sunny. Ah, I love this season. Even if you make all the candy in the eggs a melted mess, you're good stuff in my book, Spring.

Why does the Easter Bunny always look so creepy? Also, take a looksie at that Easter basket. Somebody's mom doesn't have a basket ready for this kid so instead we've upcycled a gift bag.

Pretty pumped for this egg hunt thing, can't you tell? Evy looked like this the entire time Dexter ran around. Too cool for school.

First of many "Sit down by your sister so I can take your picture" photos.

He's an egg finding machine. It was like watching Pacman eat the pellets.

Have a great Easter, everyone!

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