Sunday, April 6, 2014

For Funsies, vol. 3

I survived week one of being back at the office. Yay! Our weekend was pretty low key. Josh and I went on our weekly date on Friday. We ate at Culver's for dinner. Super sexy, right? Then we stopped in at Smokey Row and had coffee and pie. Let me tell you, I'm kind of obsessed with coffee and pie. French silk all the way, please. The rest of our weekend was full of fun grown up things like grocery shopping and laundry. And HBO free weekend! You know, living the dream.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Here's a few fun things that I'd thought I would share:

Does anybody else sing Christmas Carols sometimes when they are getting their baby to sleep? For some reason every now and again I will go with Jingle Bells. Yeah, I don't get it either. Anyway, have you seen these lullabies? For the too cool baby in your life. I personally would go with this one.

Did you see this go-getter? Clever, clever resume.

We have a wedding or two coming up in the near future. I went shopping online and bought this dress, this dress and this skirt. I like the black one a lot, the white one really emphasizes just how badly I need a tan and the jury is still out on the skirt. I'm trying to figure out what to wear with it and I, ahem, need to lose some baby weight for it to fit correctly.

We have a lactation room at my office. All the new moms share the room so it's partitioned with cube walls. Right now, it's myself and one other coworker in there. By August of this year, if the other new moms that are expecting over the summer months and I continue to breastfeed there will be a total of five of us that will need to use the room. I read this article (via Cup of Jo) and all I could think was that room is going to get quite loud. And it will be like cattle in each stall.

Sometimes I read in the wee hours of the morning when I am up nursing Evy. I recently added this website to my Feedly.

We're in the middle of a picky phase with Dexter but he loved these noodles. I swear he ate them three times this week.

I actually was up for The Tonight Show and caught this. I was delighted.

Have a great work week, everyone!

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