Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meanwhile back at the office...

When mamas go to work, they become bag ladies. Lunch bag, purse, breastpump. Boom.

My brain is an incredible amount of mush right now. I went back to work this week and oh, buddy am I moving super slow! Like explain this thing you call "email" slow. It's a little overwhelming right now for sure. Note to self: watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy for six weeks is not a good way to maintain your work skills.

At one point I was like, I have no idea how to respond to your question BUT riddle me this, do you have a baby that needs bounced? I am a rock star at that.  I can totally own that bouncing thing. Or would you like me to sing softly and lull you into a state of drowsiness? No? That's awkward? Okay, I guess I'll just slink away and try to figure out the answer to your question then...

Despite the slow going reentry, I am happy to be back. My coworkers are pretty great and definitely know how to make a girl feel welcome. There's something to be said for working for a smaller company. It's a very Cliff Clavin vibe. Lots of people stopping by my cube to say hello and ask how I am doing. I regale them with tales from my maternity leave and they indulge me with appropriate amounts of laughter and understanding.

Now, for some real world advice, Dexter and Evy, because I am assuming that one day you might read this. Never underestimate the importance of finding a job that you like working with people that you enjoy. I won't say that money isn't important because believe me, it is. But your time is important too. You'll spend many hours away from home if you work (which you probably will need to--spoiler alert: there is no great family fortune coming your way. I know, I'm sad about it too), so you should spend that time doing something you like in the company of fun people. Doing this doesn't mean that everything will be easy peasy all the time. Every day will have its challenges--process challenges, people challenges; they are unavoidable. You can navigate these though. 

I encourage you to try and find this balance of good work and good people. A place where you enjoy rolling up your sleeves and digging in alongside others who are there to support you, laugh with you and on those challenging days, commiserate with you. It might take a few tries but when you find it you'll see that spending eight hours in this place changes you for the better and it sets off a pretty great ripple effect throughout the other parts of your life. And all the mush brain days are worth that, I tell you.

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