Sunday, May 18, 2014

For Funsies, vol. 4

Hello, friends! How have you been? I have been crazy, crazy at work with some new but necessary changes in the way we manage projects for our clients. We capped the week off at the office with a patio party which is the way all crazy weeks at the office would be capped off if it was up to this girl.

Josh and I finally made it out to our first Farmers Market of the season yesterday. We are borrowing our friend's sit and stand stroller and Josh drove it for the first time. It is kind of a big beast to maneuver around large crowds but both Dexter and Evy seemed to love it. And when I say they "loved it" I mean that Dexter didn't complain about having to ride in it and Evy fell asleep.

Hope you're having a great weekend too! On to the funsies...

These necklaces were my mamas day gift. Dex and Evy in Morse code.

Obsessing over Lily Allen's Sheezus. P.S. her little bro is Theon Greyjoy?? What?

I don't try new beer very often, but am loving this kind right now.

For all the people who prefer a fudgy brownie over a cakey brownie--if you only make one kind of brownie this year, make this brownie.

Market Day is back. I only made it out one time last year and I was with Dexter so as you can imagine I didn't get to window shop very much. Hoping to check it out this year!

A few weeks ago, I was up nursing Evy and was on my phone making the round through twitter, instagram and my feedly. I stumbled upon Stitch Fix. Yada, yada, yada, my first fix is suppose to arrive June 18. I'll update you on how it goes!

Have a great work week, folks!

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Annie Salgado said...

Love the Morse Code necklace!

I've done Stitch Fix! Didn't you know?! I code have give you a code to get me $25. I forgive you. Hope you enjoy!