Friday, June 20, 2014

A week gone wrong/right

Josh went out of town for work this week.

So naturally we had a huge storm and the power went out in the middle of the night. Week gone wrong. Power outage with two kiddos could've been pretty dicey but the whole house stayed asleep. Week gone right.

Then, I went and got ready for work in the dark, glanced out the kitchen window and saw this...

Week gone wrong.

But then our lovely neighbor called and said that he had already called a tree service to help clean up. Week gone right.

Work is a straight up mess right now. There was one day this week where I was trying to get everything done and left work too late and found that Dexter and Evy were the very last kids at daycare. So much mom guilt. Week gone wrong.

Evy laughed and chatted with me in the kitchen. Dexter is trying to say "cowabunga" these days. Ninja Turtles reign supreme in this house right now. Week gone right.

A sweet note from a coworker in my mailbox, my Stitch Fix package at the door. I kept this shirt. Week gone right.

Josh's flight was cancelled, keeping us as a family of three for one more night. Week gone wrong.

And now it's the freakin weekend. Week gone right.

*Note: I used my referral link for Stitch Fix up there. Just in case you might be so inclined to try it out and also want to hook me up with $25 in credit. Whatev.


Jennifer said...

!!! I like that shirt!

Annie Salgado said...

I like the shirt too!

Does Evie have pigtails in her hair?

Way to survive the week!