Sunday, June 29, 2014

Father's Day weekend 2014

*** Please note: I started writing this post last weekend before I knew what kind of shitstorm was brewing and headed our way, but more on that later***

We have been housebound this weekend. After months of avoiding the inevitable, we have devoted this weekend to potty training our dear son. Things have been going fairly well...except for the fact that we are squarely in a standoff on the concept of #2. So now begins Poop Watch 2014.

I realized that I didn't post anything from Father's Day weekend so thought I would take a break from the vigilant potty reminding and false excitement about toddler underwear to share a few photos.

Saturday we went to the Iowa Craft Beer Festival and sampled beers for an hour or so. It was a fun outing but not sure it was worth the $30 a ticket. You got a souvenir glass and all the free samples you'd like which was fine. Weird part was that they charged $5 a ticket for designated drivers but then didn't even have water on site. Very puzzling.

Just two dads talking about dad things.

Sunday we gifted Joshie with this manly display of photos for his desk at work. In the afternoon, we headed to my dad's to grill out. Josh and Dexter made homemade ice cream for everyone. He's a worker, this one.

Hope all you dads had a good one!

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