Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We took a vacation/went on a trip

You know that saying that if you travel without kids, it's a vacation but if you travel with kids, it's a trip? I wasn't sure what that meant...until a few weeks ago.

We went back to Minnesota for our annual family vacay and it was a flippin' mess. We had some good times but we also had a kid with fever, a baby with fever, and a baby who wouldn't sleep. Fare thee well, my plans for a relaxing day drink. Nope, just day drinking to ease the pain. I kid...mostly. The car ride home was the cherry though. We stopped five times before even hitting the Minnesota/Iowa border! Potty breaks for Dexter, feedings for Evy, crying jags for Evy (and maybe for us too). I tell you what, I like going on this family trip a whole lot but this year really beat me up. It felt like one of those vacations that we'll someday look back on and laugh about. Someday. Not today, but someday.

But by all accounts of my facebook and instagram, it looks like we had the most awesome time ever. Had I not written all this out, you would've thought oh, man those Thiessens have it all, don't they? Bahahaha. The internet: helping craft fake realities one status update at a time.

 The big pool was a little intimidating at first but he warmed up to it eventually.

The turtle mascot bypassed us while we were waiting to register for the turtle race in Nisswa. This is the face of a kid who got snubbed.

 We hunted that turtle down and demanded a photo. We're pretty pleased here.

 Evy and Grandma waiting for the turtle race to start.

 Before Dexter caught the big one.

How have your summer travels been? Can you believe it's nearly August already??

P.S. Rest assured next year the Thiessens are about to kick some serious vacation ass, friends.

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