Saturday, August 9, 2014

Roommate weekend: Kansas City

^^Let's call it a night...but first, let's stop and dance here on the steps instead of making it all the way down to the floor at Power and Light District^^

It has been about three years since my last roommate getaway. Too long, right? It was such a lovely weekend with shopping and sushi and fancy girl drinks and beer in 16 oz. glasses and singing loudly to 90s jams and dancing like I was at Drunk Monkey at UNI and eating a most delicious breakfast to end the whole trip on the right note. I might venture to say it was perfect.

 A love letter:

To my former roomies and always friends, so happy to have you ladies in my life. Let's do this kind of thing until we are old and gray. 

And to you, Kansas City, how fun are you? Great shopping, good food, fun nightlife. I shall return to thee. This is my solemn vow.

Travel notes:

Find delicious sushi here.

This place has a fun atmosphere and a tasty brunch.

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