Monday, September 1, 2014

Scenes from our summer

It's September! I always mark September as the end of summer. The end of our travels and vacation and carefree afternoons lazing around the back porch around the grill. Now we just have to solemnly march on until we hit the holiday season. ;)

We spent a good chunk of our summer visiting playgrounds and parks across the city. And when our old standbys in West Des Moines and Windsor Heights weren't cutting it, we ventured out of the city to this old gal...

^^Big Creek's playground is exactly as it was when I was just a little girl. We are talking old school. Just look at that solid wood structure and METAL slide! None of that plastic stuff here. Just your old fashioned burn the backs of your calves on a hot summer day slide.

And wouldn't you know it--tire swings!

It wouldn't be summer without an Avett Brothers concert. We went to Saturday in the Park in Sioux City. We are groupies. We realize this.

^^And here's a terrible photo from the concert that I made black and white to try to mask it's terribleness.

Also, kids, remind me to tell you about the walk home from that concert when you are older.  The general takeaway is to always have an exit plan.

We experimented with headbands.

 Important life changing stuff for Evy going on up there, right?

And to cap off the entire summer, Josh and I crossed off a certain concert on our bucket list. More to come on that later!

Happy September, friends!

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