Friday, December 12, 2014

Feelings about 2014

I had a rough day today. I annoyed myself by discovering that I locked my keys in my car last night. I also ugly cried in a conference room at work. So there's that. P.S. Women of the working world, crying at the office is THE worst, am I right? I don't know if calling out women specifically is being sexist or whatever but honestly, in my anecdotal, non-scientific research it appears that women tend to shed tears at work. Anyway, it is just so awkward. Awkward for me and awkward for the person who has to witness it. Ugh.

I am fine. I am thinking this blip is just a nice little cherry to the year that is 2014. If I had to have a Facebook relationship status with 2014, it would be "it's complicated". I don't know how I feel about her. She brought me a daughter, but she also made me a mom of two which can be exhausting. She kept Josh and I busy with our careers, filled us with ambition, but challenged us with long hours and overtime. She rolled out the welcome mat in a bigger home for us, but left the door on our first home cracked open.*

There are nights when we sit down for dinner and Dexter is acting as three year olds do-with smiles and frowns all at once--Evy is working her way to a fever pitch because she wants more or doesn't want any or wants to get up or wants to get down, etc. Josh and I look at each other and this is what we say, "This is our design." It's a reference to the show Hannibal. Yes, I realize that show is about a serial killer who eats people, pretty gruesome stuff.  However, we said it jokingly once when we were tired bleary-eyed parents of a newborn. And it stuck. Editor's note: we also pulled out this phrase a lot when we were dealing with the trials and tribulations of potty training. It's like our version of "Serenity now!"

So this is our design, people. This chaotic, exhausting, ugly-cry inducing, delightful, special, amazing year is ours. I can't hate on 2014 too much I suppose. She was following her marching orders and I can't fault a girl for that. I will say that she seemed to go about it in a pretty sassy way though. So, yeah, she's a little bitchy. But in a fun way.

Like I said, it's complicated. 

*Yes, while I was away from the blog we bought a house and will be renting our old house!

**Also, this photo has nothing to do with this post. It was taken at the Arcade Fire concert that we went to over the summer. It was fun, our trip was fantastic! I alluded to it being crossed off the bucket list in a previous post but then never said a peep about it. So here it is. Peep, peep.

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