Monday, October 19, 2009

A night at the Springwood

After a flurry of activities on our social calendar-Wicked, Austin City Limits, Iowa vs. Michigan game, we took the opportunity to relax this weekend. After seeing many previews for "Where the Wild Things Are", we decided to hit up the movie on opening night. Thanks to the super sweet entertainment book that we purchased from our first cousin once removed for a school fundraiser we enjoyed a buy one, get one free admission at the Springwood 9. We've never been to these theaters so I googled to find out where it was. I saw that it was reviewed as having the best popcorn and consequently had my coat halfway on and one foot out the door.

Springwood 9 made me remember what it's like to go to a movie theater that isn't attached to the mall. There were no super awkward teenage boys, giggling girls or preteens who are dressed nicer than me. Instead Josh and I found ourselves in the lobby with kids and lots of them. There was a group of three little boys who were just running as fast as they could around and around the lobby and Josh said, "Could you imagine running around in circles and being that entertained? The only reasons we run now are because we're being chased or because we don't want to get fat." So true. Who knew the Springwood 9 could bring about such profound revelations?

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