Monday, November 2, 2009

Long time, no blog

Hello, hello! Josh and I are personally recommitting ourselves to our blog. We apologize for getting sidetracked by other boring issues, such as work, and for succumbing to laziness but we're happy to say that we are ready to reenter the blogosphere.

We haven't been up to very much, just lots o' football watching. College football abounds in our house and poor little Sudsy can't stand it. He thinks Josh is yelling at him every time there is a big play, especially during the Iowa games. Suds has taken to laying down in a completely different room when the Hawks play. I will admit that Joshie isn't the only one getting excited about Iowa's winning streak. I'm definitely super excited about it and even (gasp!) listened to the game on the radio when I ran out and got Tasty Tacos for lunch this weekend. Crazy, huh?

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