Monday, January 24, 2011

Not coming to dinner

Josh and I tried to watch "Dinner with Schmucks" this weekend and it was very painful. Excruciatingly painful. So painful that despite the fact that we had already forked over the $4.99 to Mediacom On Demand to watch the movie, we ended up abandoning it and going to bed a quarter of the way through. Steve Carell's character's stupidity was incredibly irritating. Not irritating in what eventually would become funny and adorable, just irritating. The kind of irritating that makes me want to yell, "Quit being dumb and figure it out!" I never would've yelled that at Brick Tamland. His brand of idiocy was funny and adorable. My sweet Brick.

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Amy said...

We felt the same way...It gave me major angry belly!! I hated it!