Thursday, September 15, 2011

Raise my glass 9.15.11

Things that are on my happy list and deserve a toast...

312. I discovered you years ago in Davenport and I remember thinking you were a nice alternative to my usual Bud Light. I forgot about you though and opted for a sweeter ale when I wanted to switch things up. I fell into the arms of Strongbow. That affair lasted many years until one day, I decided that I just couldn't go back to her anymore.  C'est la vie. 312, we found each other again a few weeks ago when you were at a family birthday bash.  I sipped you on the patio and was taken back to a simpler time. A time when I stayed up until 2 a.m. by choice and without consequence. A time when I was talking about engagement rings, not teething rings. A simpler time. Since that afternoon on the patio, I've found myself choo-choo-choosing you.

I've always had a thing for coffee ice cream. At Baskin Robbins, I rock the Jamocha. I could down a whole thing of Haagen Daz's coffee. I dabbled in Starbucks' brand a few years ago. And when I was on maternity leave with Dexter, Josh would make me the most amazing coffee with Oreos malt. You know how I feel about Oreos. I recently had Whitey's in Davenport recreate that magic for me on my birthday and they did not disappoint.

After our date at Americana, I was feeling like something sweet and wanted a malt, stat. We don't have a Whitey's in Des Moines but I thought the good folks at Smokey Row could get me my fix. I asked for a coffee malt and was met with a blank stare. The young girl was like, "A Smokey Row Shake?" Um, no, not really but go ahead and tell me what's in it and maybe I'll give it a whirl. "Vanilla ice cream (or any other flavor ice cream) with two shots of espresso and whip cream." Yes, please Mrs. Adams. That sounds way better than the lame coffee malt that I had originally requested. And it was. I raise my Smokey Row Shake to you, blue-haired teenage employee for not realizing that all I came there for was coffee ice cream mixed with some milk and malt powder and instead giving me my new favorite ice cream treat in the Des Moines area. Cheers.  

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